The Uniform of Self-Worth

Why did you wake up this morning?

Why do you get out of bed in the morning?  I get out of bed so I can go to work and make money.  I’m the top producer and I like that title.  My coworkers are my friends, and tonight is taco Tuesday.  My boss loves me there, I work hard and am indispensable because I bring in most of the revenue.   Another $200,000 before I hit that goal and get that award.  I love winning that award.

They keep me motivated.

I’m in a relationship and it’s great having a companion I can talk to. Once I get that bonus we’re going to take a vacation for a week or two.  We need to get a little escape in.  I need to get away for a couple weeks to relax and clear my head.  I’ve been working overtime lately and haven’t gotten to spend much time with my significant other.  But after this vacation things will be better, we just need a break.  This will make up for it though.  Life is so good, and things are going so well!  I’m at the top of my game occupationally, financially, and socially.  My friends like me, my significant other likes me, my employer likes me, and everything is perfect.  I just need to finish the month strong so I can be the top producer again.  Then I’ll be able to relax a little; spending more time with my significant other and going on that vacation to that resort in my new car with another award justifying why I did it all and sacrificed so much.

Everything will be great.

Then what?  What happens when your boss can’t keep you anymore because they need to lay you off?  What happens when your coworkers don’t hang out with you anymore because you’re not the top producer anymore?  What happens when the vacation fantasyland ends and reality returns with less than you started with?  What happens when your relationship ends because they satisfy their void, but you can’t satisfy theirs?  What happens when the awards, the car, the job, and the money are gone?  When no one needs you anymore, what will your value be?  After the boss doesn’t need you, girlfriend doesn’t need you, coworkers don’t need you, car gets repossessed, money runs out, and you can’t escape reality on a vacation anymore?  When you can’t buy your identity anymore and no one’s left to reassure you of it. Who or what will be there to determine your significance?  Why would you get out of bed in the morning?

What would you say?

What would it take to define yourself using a noun instead of adjectives?  To find your true value?  To fulfill yourself?  To be enough?  What would it take to stop determining your worth by the perception of others’?  To detach from an inferiority perceived by societal norms and believed by you?  To define an identity without borrowing pieces of it? To stop using someone else’s perception of success and start using your own?  What would it take for you to define what that looks like?  To be enough?

To believe in yourself?

What would it take to find out? To take off the uniform? The identity you wear for purposes of being normal for acceptance. A uniform that requires validation through the approval of everyone but the one wearing it?

What would it take to create an authentic self? To create an identity you love that’s validated by a purpose you define and pursued mercilessly by intentions you define…motivated solely by a fire inside of you?  What would it take for you to harness that fire and take control of your life?  To be it’s owner instead of its slave? What would it take for you to believe in yourself?

To be confident in who you are so you can be certain of what you’re doing because of how it makes you feel and what the significance of it all is.

What would it take?  To stop pretending?  To start playing? To accept yourself?


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