Taking Responsibility for Your Life

Taking Responsibility for Life

Routine monitoring of my thoughts was a major factor in taking responsibility for my life. Conscious thought determines my emotional state, behavior, and impacts my perception. I was very reactive to life and instinctually compulsive by nature. I usually felt like I had little control over the success and happiness I had.

I could only see what I was conditioned to see and was ignorant to anything else. 

Most of us will never have the capacity to monitor our conscious thought or take control of our reality. Actually, most people do not possess the necessary awareness to be coached or mentored because we can’t perceive anything wrong with a one dimensional point of view or comprehend the possibility of an alternative one.

This individual reacts to life similarly to the way a pinball reacts to the machine. 

Getting tossed around in chaos, lacking any sense of order and unable to define any meaning to it. They are a victim in life and a slave to their one dimensional mentality with a very low probability of being able to change it.

Life happens to them.

Some of us can monitor our conscious thought at times. However, we only recognize a flaw in that thought pattern after its recurring pain is so immense that we begin to question it. Until then, we classify these painful events as unique and attach no significance beyond that.

An unfortunate reoccurring circumstance and misunderstanding. 

It’s only when we experience enough suffering that we can acknowledge that we have a flawed thought pattern, become willing to analyze it, and attempt to correct it. Similar to a compulsive jay-walker that continues to jay-walk despite having been hit multiple times. 

Eventually, they consider that it’s not just bad luck and perhaps they are the problem, not the car.

They are reactive to life until they are in enough pain to be responsive.

This type of individual will benefit immensely from mindset coaching. They will comprehend the functionality of their thought pattern at a rate immeasurably faster than continuing at their current pace.

Their results are fundamentally transformative in a very short period of time.

Then there’s some of us that are introspective enough or genuinely curious about why we behave in the manner we do. We see mistakes as opportunities for growth and analyze our thoughts objectively because we recognize that imperfection is the core of humanity and self-defeating or morbid reflection is not conducive to improvement. 

Although we still engage in harmful and repetitive behavior at times, we do not classify them as good or bad.

We simply see what it “is,” and correct it based on whether it is serving us positively or negatively. We are responsive to life and in control of our own emotional nature because we can monitor our thoughts objectively.

This type of person is most receptive to coaching and evolves at a remarkable pace.

They perceive criticism as an opportunity for growth and understand that being challenged is a requirement for attaining success.

We take control of our lives by taking responsibility for our thoughts and holding them accountable by routine monitoring. This is the essence of total self-improvement. The goal is to have an understanding of how our thoughts impact our lives and are the source of how we become completely comfortable with ourselves as imperfect people. This is why mindset mentoring is such an effective tool for taking control of our mental and emotional state of being.

It’s the golden key to unlocking our door to complete freedom.

Consider that when you can stop reacting to life, that life starts reacting to you and you can manifest anything into existence.

I want you to buy into yourself.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can completely change everything and start living a life beyond your imagination, then you’ve come to the right place. 

If you’re hesitant and skeptical, then I’m absolutely positive you’ve also come to the right person. 

You don’t have to take my word for it, I’ll let you take a test drive and then you can decide whether or not you’re sold on me. 

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