Spiritual (R)evolution

A lot of people ask about my belief in God, a Higher Power, and spirituality.

The truth is I have none…or try to have none.

The truth about spirituality is no different than the game analogy I use to describe owning your reality.  Most people would assume that spirituality is not a big part of my life because I don’t discuss it openly or often.  I’ve been an opinionated talker most of my life and that was my problem.  My opinions were beliefs I held that perpetuated a contempt for any that brought mine into question.  When one speaks about “being right or being happy,” this is the gravest place one can be right…or certain in my opinion.  The truth is that the less I know about spirituality, the more I learn about it.

When your speaking with someone and they start talking about something you don’t relate to or have no interest in, do you give them the same attention as someone you could relate to?  Probably not, most of the time.  In fact, we may even disconnect from the conversation early on and actively listen politely…judging their content on by our own beliefs.  If you engage in this behavior on an intellectual level, then you engage in it on a spiritual level as well.  One cannot say that they’re consistently spiritual but inconsistently open minded.  One embodies the other.

When someone asks you if you want to do something and it sounds undesirable, do you avoid engaging in it because you know you won’t like it?  Absolutely, we’re all human.  This is a worse kind of contempt than the one above because it’s a boundary you have set without any evidence to support its validity.  It is contempt prior to investigation.  You have a belief that you can judge the outcome of a situation without engaging in it; having complete certainty that your belief is absolute.  How can one be a student of spirituality when they know less than they understand?  If you know what spirituality is, then one might suggest that you understand very little about spirituality.

Spirituality is the process of removing the boundaries of contempt from a message we were meant to hear.  How can one be mindful if they cannot be present when someone else is speaking?  How can they be a student of spirituality if they are unwilling to listen?  How can one be ignorant with a belief in open-mindedness?  Interpreting truth as wisdom will be a boundary to interpreting the truth of wisdom.

I was vehemently opposed to going to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios because a night of constant harassment didn’t seem like an opportunity I was interested in.  I had never gone and judged it without evidence to do so.  I declined, certain it was not for me.  Had I gone, I might have bumped into the CEO of my future career; but I never got that chance because I was unwilling to try something new and even if I had…I would have been too focused on leaving to be living in the present.  I would have been too close-minded to see the opportunity present itself.

Think about how contempt prevented you the many opportunities you may have missed just today?  You might have the relationship of your dreams, the occupation of a lifetime, or the key of wisdom you missed to unlock the door of abundance.  Perhaps, if you had not set a boundary between yourself and another’s beliefs, you could’ve been the Player in the game a long time ago.  Perhaps the Programmer is nothing more than a Player that creates the rules of their game without the security of boundaries.  Perhaps the boundary is not made for us to stay inbounds, but to keep others out of bounds.  Perhaps the boundary is not about the certainty of truth, but the fear of being absent a belief.  After all, if you were seeking understanding, why else would you deny another’s knowledge?

Every action has an opposite and equal reaction and the same is true of spirituality.  The contempt for another’s beliefs is a limitation of your own understanding.  If spirituality is a game of wisdom, open-mindedness, and growth…then contempt for another’s words is a direct violation of spirituality itself.  It is judgement that prevents us from interpreting what we hear without contempt…a boundary we create in a game meant to have none.

The law of attraction allows the right people in my life,  those that seek deeper meaning in life, love, and breaking down the boundaries to them.

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