Level 4: Power of Intention

Level 4: Power of Intention

Once we learn the boundaries of life are limited only by our own contempt to explore them, we have begun our journey to expanding the limits of our capabilities.  Although we trudged a long and difficult road to arrive at the gates of freedom, they will soon close behind us as we embark on a new journey whose purpose has not been defined yet.  How could it be?  We have arrived in a place we have never been before without boundaries…without limitation. 

Freedom can only be experienced in a place like this when our intentions with it have been clearly defined.  Without discipline we will have not structure and begin creating new boundaries and limitations on ourselves. 

What is the purpose of an intention? 

The purpose of intention is to create an intention to find our purpose…read that again.  It’s cyclical.  We create intentions to keep ourselves accountable in the search for purpose and prevent the boundaries of fear and uncertainty from returning to block us.  The boundaries we face are only insurmountable when the power of intention is not used to light the path of purpose.

A purpose is not a gift given, but a trade made only after the debts of intention have been paid. The gratitude is in the journey…not it’s destination.

Imagine what it would it be like to play a game without boundaries and unlimited possibilities. 

What if the game had no boundaries, no storyline…no semblance of direction…and no purpose.

The Player of that game would be without motive in a story without meaning.  Imagine a world where you could have everything, achieve anything, but it meant absolutely nothing.

In fact, would it not be terrifying existing in a world without boundaries, aimlessly wandering through the infinite void of emptiness in a story without meaning? What would be point in continuing on? A game without clear direction is one without a destination.

Just like a life of infinite potential is wasted when its occupant has no purpose or intention. If a Player does not know the intentions of the game they play, how will they ever find the purpose of their story?

Purpose is the reason to hit, “START” on the game of life and begin the journey to fulfilling your destiny in a story given meaning by you, Player 1.

Intention is the reason to hit “CONTINUE?” assertively when the game questions your determination. Continuing is not a matter of question for Player 1, it’s a matter of certainty fueled by the power of intention…a determination to fulfill your purpose.

Purpose is only obtained when the integrity of intention is maintained.

When the Character of contempt becomes the Player of possibility and begins exploring the infinite potential in a game with endless boundaries, they will either become overwhelmed with gratitude or overcome with fear.  The Player of fear will become frozen from the incalculable risks in a game they cannot predict outcomes in…a game without boundaries.  That Player will be lost in a game without intention and found in a story without purpose. 

Contrarily, the player of gratitude will see the endless possibilities for advancing without limitation and begin developing the code for programming the game…their game…and the beginning of a new story…Player 1’s story.

The story of the Character who became the Player. A Player driven by an intention of confidence…a certainty of accomplishing a purpose…their purpose.

The Player who became the Programmer in a game of limitless potential.  Fulfilling a destiny in the game they were meant to program and a story they were meant to play.

One’s purpose resides in the heart and it’s intention…in the mind. The journey of destiny begins when they unify, fusing purpose and intention to forge a soul of abundance…where the spirit roams free.

The reality you live in is simply the life you program.


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