Level 3: The Boundaries of Limitation

Level 3: The Boundaries of Limitation

A lot of doors open up when the key of possibility unlocks them, and the door of contempt begins to close behind you.  This is the beginning of a life with infinite possibility and endless abundance if you continue exploring curiously and openly in the search for truth.  The point is that we continue seeking to opening the doors of understanding by remaining objective and focused on our quest to freedom.  The more we journey into the unknown, the more invisible the door of contempt becomes…leaving the comfort of limitations and boundaries behind us.

The Game of Life begins to take shape.

After a Player has recognized the true meaning of possibility in Level 1, they must accept their role in the game…their game.  It is the beginning of the Player’s journey to internalizing the true power of their autonomy and the great responsibility it comes with.  If the boundaries of the game as a Character were proven false in Level 2, then why would defining new ones be important for anything other than the comfort of the Player?  The lack of boundaries in a reality with endless possibilities is the greatest tool the Player has in achieving the impossible and reprogramming their game.

The quest for a boundary is nothing more than the search for familiarity and comfort by settling on rules you didn’t create.  The boundary that you search for will certainly be found and prevent you from the total freedom you seek.  The Law of Limitation is about accepting that there are none and that freedom is contingent on the autonomy of Player 1.

The limitations of what is possible is only determined by the willingness of the Player to remain uninhibited by the temptations of certainty and comfort; deceiving themselves into believing the game has been defined.  The Player with reservations will limit their abilities, selecting a lower difficulty and validating themselves through the completion of levels.  If you select a lower difficulty based on a fear of inadequacy, then you will never acquire the skill to be a Programmer. You will never create the rules because you’ve accepted the ones handed to you. You have tried to control the coding of the game without fully understanding it and therefore will not get the experience you were meant to have.  This is just another form of contempt and settling for a lesser Player than the one you were meant to be.  The Player destined for greatness.

You, Player 1 have the ability to remove all boundaries in your game as long as you remain open-minded to a belief without limitation.  The moment comfort, fear, or difficulty become factors in your plan for programming, you have created a boundary for yourself and thus limited the amount of freedom you will experience in your game.  Remember, everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of that boundary of fear.  Total freedom is in the understanding that there are no rules unless you make them.  The Law of Limitation is about accepting that truth and total freedom is contingent upon that conclusion. Keep Leveling Up Player 1…until you become the Master Programmer of your game.

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