Level 1: Recognition of Uncertainty

Level 1: The Recognition of Possibility

I’m not one for letting things happen.  If I want something there is absolutely nothing that can stop me.  The problem I always had was that I always had pieces and ideas of what I wanted but never knew exactly what it was.  A piece was always missing and the more I tried to force it into consciousness, the less clear I became on what it was.  Accepting average was a direct assault on my soul and always resulted in drug addiction.  Some are able to handle this kind of acceptance, but I could not.  Denying an insatiable urge that tells you that you’re worth more was disastrous.  My soul refuted the suppression of its insatiable hunger for fulfillment.  I knew none of this at the time, but my drug addiction was not the cause of my suffering.

My suffering was caused by the contempt I wore like a suit of armor.  A suit of armor that never defended me against the pain and suffering of my choices…but as a shield preventing the solution to my suffering.  I had been coded as a character in a game I wasn’t playing.  I was a spectator, an observer in the video game of life.

Imagine being a character in a video game, just a part of the video game.  Not the player, just a character in the story.  Would you know it was a game?  No, definitely not.  So, if someone told you it was a game, would you believe them?  Would you even consider it?  No, probably not because how could it?  It would defy everything you believe in. This is your problem though; because you are not willing to consider the possibility it could never be reality…even if it was.  See, you know it’s a game now because I’m telling you a story based on a hypothetical situation you aren’t really invested in.

Let me ask you this, what’s the difference between the hypothetical situation and the story?  The only difference is one is fictional, and one you’re actually invested in. Your inability to pass through that dimension isn’t a problem of common sense.  It’s a problem of contempt.

It’s easier to accept being a character in the game because you’re coded that way.  It won’t change unless you have a reason to let go of the certainty in your beliefs and the truth that cements you to them.  The character whose automated role becomes unfulfilling from a lack of purpose can evolve when they become open-minded enough to challenge the origins of truth in their belief system.  That kind of character might be able to become a Player in a game where rules are created instead of followed.

When you’re willing to think that, perhaps, you are not a clone in a physical nature but of the mental variety.  That perhaps you weren’t assigned the value the game gave you.  That perhaps you’re just a glitch away from cracking the code to your freedom.  The Glitch is there Player 1, the START to a new game, your own game…a game where you can become The Programmer it needs.


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