Go for It…but use Common Sense

When you start walking down a long tunnel, it doesn’t seem that hard in the beginning. The light behind you is a comfort, reassuring you that the familiar is still there. As you travel further, the light fades and it becomes darker. Eventually you will reach a point where it’s pitch black.

Fear of uncertainty stops you.

You’ll start questioning your logic and believing what everyone told you. You’ll start trying to use logic to convince yourself that this was a mistake.

Then you have a choice.

You can play it safe, turn around, and head back to the start where it’s comfortable and familiar.

…or you can keep trudging forward into the unknown; having faith that eventually you will see light at the other end of that tunnel and find your way to the other side.

The decision is yours and it’s neither right or wrong…but make no mistake about it, one answer is logical but neither are common sense.

If it’s your journey…just make sure you’re using your own map.

Because following your dreams isn’t supposed to be logical…because that would make it common sense.

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