Freedom is a State of Mind

Freedom is a state of mind

The best lessons I’ve learned in life are always the ones that humbled me the most. 

I was laying in bed, mid-day, Hawaii. I went to the beach a few times and did some cool shit, but most of the trip was spent swiping through dating apps trying to find a distraction.

Imagine that.

I was on vacation from my life and trying to find a distraction from the vacation.

This was just the way my life worked.

I didn’t know any other way.

I’d always been insecure and uncomfortable with myself and the only thing that ever made it alright was compulsive sex, drugs, weight lifting, or making money. They distracted me from life because I was discontent with it.

Anyway, back to Hawaii.

I took a break from swiping for a minute and ran across a post from an old friend of mine, Patrick.

We used to work for an Influencer/Sales trainer and sold his shit. Well, I did.

Pat did that and built his sales funnels. 

I’d been seeing his shit pop up on my Facebook feed and never really read it.

But it reminded me I wanted to ask him about building a sales funnel for my side business.

I’d just gotten burned by another marketing agency and Pat knew his shit.

So I hit him up. 

He was hesitant because he was doing his own thing, unrelated to funnels, sales, etc… but I convinced him. I paid him because I trusted him.

He didn’t have to sell me.

Then I started checking out some of his stuff.

A few months later I bailed on the marketing gig and bought into his program.

I didn’t buy in thinking I would create a business to get paid for being me. I mean, I didn’t even know who I was.

It changed depending on who I was with. I bought in because I bought into the simulation theory.

Mainly because I was desperate for some real confidence in myself.

I tried everything under the sun. Self-help books, sales seminars, manipulation techniques, and the list goes on.

Nothing ever worked and I always felt insecure, inferior, and uncomfortable.

I had “social anxiety” because I didn’t know who I was.

Fast forward to today. Holy shit! Now I have my own program and it changes lives.

Somehow my ADD ass was able to outline it and keep it simple cause I over complicate the shit out of everything.

Turns out I’m not crazy though. I’ve used it on 40 people over the past 3 months and the fucken thing works.

I’m literally showing other people how to overcome what was once MY biggest challenge in life. 

The point is that I was humbled, yet again.

I thought I knew how life worked and always saw how things weren’t going to work for me…or how they’d just take care of themselves…someday eventually.

The reality is that opening my mind a little allowed me to let go of the contempt I had for things that could improve my life.

Once we know the answers to something it creates contempt for any other possibilities.

If you keep looking for new relationships, new opportunities, and New Years with the same pair of glasses on…it’s gonna pass you right by and you’re gonna miss it because you’ll never see it coming.

Here’s to 2019 and another year of living in the largest psych hospital known to man…earth.

7 billion ways to look at something but we’re all certain we’re right.

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