Level 2: Acceptance of Uncertainty

Level 2: The Acceptance of Uncertainty

The freedom from contempt for a long enough moment to open the mind is only the first step on a lifelong journey down a path meant to continue expanding your horizons.  The first level must be accomplished in order for the second level to even be an option.  Once you cross over that line you have the option of marching into the uncertainty of what is next or staying stagnant in the comfort of your current understanding.  Ignoring the possibility of evolution may be safe and acceptable for some that have experienced Level 1.  Ask yourself if it is the comfort that is stopping you or if it’s fear that is preventing you.

A character’s role in a game is pre-determined for the greater good in the advancement of the game.  The role was designed to be accepted without question by the character because otherwise the gameplay would erupt in chaos.  Imagine a game that had no theme, no purpose, no patterns, and without some semblance of order; can you imagine what would happen if every character knew this?  What would prevent the game from being thrown into a total state of panic and uncertainty?  The game would have no defined pattern and therefore, no sense of comfort or ease with assurances that some aspects of it are certain.

The languages, difficulties, rules, and actions were all predetermined by its creator to ensure the gameplay did not require any autonomy.  Imagine if every character in the game suddenly discovered that everything they believed was false.  How would a society function without purpose, values, beliefs, religion, or any sense of right and wrong?  It wouldn’t.  The game would be thrown in a total state of anarchy.

The coding of each character is designed with an understanding of the boundaries in the game.  We all have a common understanding that crossing the boundaries in a game results in tragedy.  How do you know this?  Because you’ve probably done it out of curiosity and it ended in tragedy.  Why is the curiosity of reality different than the curiosity of a game?  Who has traveled over it to explore for themselves?

Would it be possible that the character who has crossed the boundary did not meet their end, but chose to press START on a NEW GAME?  A game where the character found a Glitch when crossing the boundary of uncertainty to find that the automation was not created by the game…it was created by the characters.  Could it be possible that the characters brave enough to challenge their reality and cross that boundary and don’t return because they accept the role of Player once the truth is discovered?

Just because a Character finds the Glitch to an alternate reality where coding does not exist does not mean that they will become a Player.  In fact, several Character’s will have Glitches in their automation throughout a game cycle but will not exploit them.  Although they see them, they do not understand them because they are not ready to explore them.

The only way that the Player advances is by continuing to level up.  A Player that never advances from Level 1 from an inability or fear to continue questioning the coding of the gameplay would be better off as a Character.  Having the power to evolve from a Player to a Programmer is only possible if a Player continues to reprogram themselves from the experience of others and the open-mindedness to hear it.  This requires a great level of uncertainty that must be accepted, even when the difficulty is higher than the Player is ready for.

Settling on Level 1 without continuing to Level 2 makes the Player the same as the Character.  In fact, maybe even worse.  At least the Character is automated with a commonly held understanding of achievement.  This Player that becomes certain of theirs will always remain on level one, unfulfilled because of the uncertainty of Level 2 and acknowledging that returning to the automation of a Character is impossible.   Player 1 can only become the Programmer when they are willing the accept the uncertainty of a game where the rules have not been clearly defined yet.

Becoming Player 1 is not about exploiting a Glitch, it’s about exploring it; persisting for truth in a game you don’t understand to become what you were meant to be…The Programmer that creates its rules.


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