How to Play the Game of Life

The Game of Life

I don’t know about you, but I like feeling good.  In fact, I like it so much that historically I have engaged in harmful behaviors to feel even the slightest bit of that satisfaction despite the cost.  Expectations I place on people, places, and things are the most prominent reason I get into a position where I can be hurt and lose control of my emotional nature.  When I’m in a position to get hurt it’s no one else’s fault but mine.  You control your reality and when you forget that, the other characters have the advantage.  Let me try and give you the analogy that’s worked best for me.

New Game?

Life makes a lot more sense when you think of it like a video game.  The longer you play it, the better you become at it as long as you learn from mistakes.  Do you think it would be rational to continue trying to beat level 1 the same way when you lost the last 4 times?  You’d probably try a different strategy.  Would you allow the Boss on level 2 to hurt your feelings if you were beaten?  Although frustrating, probably not because it’s not personal.


All of the characters are only there because you allowed them to be there.  The player experiences them based on how they interpret them…and significance of the other characters is up to the player.  Which means it’s up to you because you’re the one playing the game.  You decide what’s relevant and what isn’t.  If you fail at the end of level 3, you don’t give up and stop playing the game, do you?  No, that would be irrational since it’s not life altering.  It would be irrational to get so upset that it prevented you trying again or giving up.  It would be irrational to let a game you’re playing to control your emotions that way, right?  You’re the player and the one in control of learning from the experience and improving next time.

Level Up!

You just forget you’re the one playing because you get so drawn in to the story.  You forget that you’re the one with the controller…you’re the one that needs the skills to beat it.  If you fail and give up because it’s too hard, you let the game beat you.  You took it personally and gave up because you allowed it to frustrate you instead of teaching you.  The problem isn’t the controller, the difficulty, or the characters…and it’s definitely not the story or the game. Believing any of those things would be immature, would you agree?  The best option when advancing in a game you’ve never beaten is to anticipate your next move by responding calmly to whatever comes your way. Reacting frantically decreases your ability to act rationally and that’s where mistakes are made and it’s, GAME OVER. 

There is no player 2…

There is only you…player 1.  The sooner you remember that it’s just a game, the easier it becomes and the less personally you take defeat…giving you the freedom to play the game of life the way it was intended, enjoyably.


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