5 Secrets to an Amazing Life

Are you living your life on purpose?

Take a moment to stop what you’re doing.  Breathe in deeply, exhale, and continue reading this glorious post. 

It could change your life.

Today we communicate at light speed and move even faster.  It’s hard to take time to slow down in a world that is speeding up.  There’s so much visual information and audible noise around us that our mind would be completely overwhelmed if we processed it all.  We automatically filter the information, looking for perceived relevance.   

Autopilot means losing meaning and purpose in life.  Looking too much into the future or regretting the past and not giving enough meaning to the events unfolding before us…good or bad.  This is a sure-fire way for me to live a 2-dimensional reality.  I have 5 actions I take to make sure I’m checked into reality and it all starts with intention.

Living a life of purpose is living your life on purpose.

  1. Experience Life Intentionally

Intention is the key to opening my senses to the beauty of reality.  The purpose of my life is to experience all of it for as long as possible before my ability to becomes limited with old age or the infinite amount of alternative possibilities that could limit my mobility.  A full life comes with as much suffering as it does with joy…for without the acknowledgement of suffering we would never recognize or comprehend the joy and happiness an intentional life has to offer.  Through the deepest heartbreaks emerges a profound love that can only be experienced or appreciated if it has something to be compared with.  Make an intention to enjoy your life.  Grab a pen and get specific.  What are you going to do today take control of your reality and enjoy your life?  Write it down.  An intention is just an idea or a thought until you write it into existence.

  1. Find Meaning in Everything

I get made fun of a lot by my close friends and Facebook friends for, “thinking too much.”  I think critically because I enjoy examining my mind and sharing my perspective with others to keep it healthy.  Your mind is the most powerful part of your human experience and underestimating it’s influence on your reality is a mistake.  A definitive way to live life by accident.  It’s easy to find meaning in moments of perfection, but what about moments of pain?  Resilience isn’t a virtue or a statement of character if there’s no meaning behind it.  Everything happens for a reason…but if that’s the extent of my willingness to assess, then I am truly lost; for pain has no meaning beyond relief.

  1. Quantify Time and Success Accurately

Life is the longest activity we will ever participate in…so what’s the hurry?  We have a massive fault in our logic with an inability to separate emotions and intellect that stems from our communication.  Success is word with infinite definitions that has been constricted by perceptual communication.  When we refer to the idea of success when speaking with another, we relate it to a physical state of having…or an accumulation of material wealth…logically.  Consider how we think of it when we are alone…reflecting on the idea of success as an accumulation of wealth and equating it with happiness.  Imagine the insanity of racing towards a place we have never been, never seen, and never experienced with the absolute certainty that upon arrival we will finally find peace.  If success and happiness is a destination, then we will be sorely disappointed when we arrive there and discover that we ran so fast that we missed all of the happiness along the way.  Success is an internal emotion that emanates confidence until we trade it away for the pursuit of material validation.  

  1. Be True to Yourself

Authenticity is not who you are, but what you do.  The idea of who you are is just a thought until it manifests through the action of a true belief.  The truth will set you free…literally.  A value system that you adhere to defines your character.  The continuity and integrity of your character is contingent upon the consistency of your value system.  Values are not situational, they are constant.  If one values honesty but decides to lie, then they do not truly value honesty until they are willing to admit their fault to preserve the integrity of that value.  That person admires the idea of honesty, but they do not believe in it.  Are you consistent enough with your values to preserve the integrity of your character?  If you have no consistent value system that defines your character, then others will define it for you.  Without character, there is no accountability and no sense of authentic self.  We are lost.  If we have no values consistent enough to call ourselves authentic, then we allow others to define our character and have no factual evidence to dispute it.

  1. Don’t Take It Personal

Is it honest?  Is it possible? Is it true?  These are the questions I like to ask myself before responding.  Assuming we are acting in character, always consider the source.  Try to understand their perspective and consider their statement a possibility for growth.  Criticism comes from those who love you.  Insults come from those who judge you.  Try to remember that if someone has the time to judge your character, then they probably cannot honestly assess their own.  When we can detach the emotional reaction to conflict and look at the facts, most of the time what we perceive as a personal attack on us is nothing more than a baseless claim with no factual evidence to support it…irrelevant. There’s no need to defend a character with integrity, so don’t take it personal.

If we start to think about ourselves and the world objectively and remove ourselves as the center of our own universe, we can easily realize that there are 7 billion others inhabiting the same space with us.    If we are the center of our universe, experiencing life in first person…then it is safe to assume everyone else is as well.  Keep in mind that those who are spiritually asleep usually can’t perceive reality beyond what they can take from it.  I’ve learned a lot about the disease of existence.  If you’ve survived it and are living to tell the tale, then you have an amazing gift.  You have an ability to live life on purpose and a moral responsibility to do so.

“If you are source of your own happiness, then you will become the architect of your own reality.”

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